John Funderburk for Congress | Biography
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My Biography

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Our economy is consumer based and entirely depends on people like you and I buying consumer goods. To keep A healthy economy thriving you need a growing population, supportive infrastructure and vibrant  community. To achieve these goals we have to initiate a all access based healthcare system, college and day care.

John Funderburk

John Funderburk began his career in the United States Navy and learned the Electrician trade where he served and received an honorable discharge. He exercised these skills when enrolled in the Local 26 Union, while also working his way through school, as well as working in different media jobs that involved writing and promoting marketing ads for radio stations. John later worked at Local 26 Union as a journeyman and worked in high profile projects such as, The Nationals Stadium and The National Harbor. In 2009, during the height of the “Financial Crisis,” he began to day trade stocks for himself with great success. This quickly developed into a desire to bring the same knowledge with which he found success, to other families, prompting him to leave the union and launch his own independent Insurance and Financial service. John’s extensive understanding of economic policy, its macro effects, and his research of publicly traded companies has led to a greater understanding of how, why, and what makes them successful. With this abundant knowledge and experience, John is positioned unlike any other candidate, to properly communicate effective economic policy.