John Funderburk for Congress | Digital Marketing
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social media

We have over 12 years success in growing our business’s organically by keeping to one simple rule keep the “Social” in “Social Media”. We accomplish this by posting relevant content in real time then leveraging that content by connecting with potential clients who respond to our content. We utilize the specific rhythms and culture of that particular Social Media platform.

Video is the backbone and standard of engaging content that brings attention. Social Media video has to be short impactful and creativity stunning. Your competing with vacation, food and travel content and to bring your video to standout, you need the experience and success of a team with a track record of creating dynamic content.


Live Streaming is relatively brand new medium, I have the ability to best showcase your content live utilizing new software that allows you to change and manipulate your background. Giving you the freedom for creative content while professionally broadcasting live.

Podcasting is by far the best ROI Social Media medium. It’s a listener rich forum that keeps content flowing uninterrupted by commercials. Podcasting is a specialty we feature it’s easy to produce and has long lasting effects and part of any Digital Marketing Plan.

Designing a website and landing page with a crystal clear target key word strategy is crucial for the Digital Marketing Campaign. Creating and monitoring the daily traffic and to adjust your message is part of that process and it’s what you need for long term success.


Pay-Per-Click has distinct advantages primarily because of the negative key word feature. You can really eliminate people who aren’t your clients leaving your resources for people who are your clients by highly targeting the negative key word feature allowing your PPC campaign to bring in more eyes with more interaction with more clients.